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N016 Cable-Type Flexible Hose Clamp Pliers set

Price (incl.23 % VAT) : 60,00 €


100% Brand new. 

Pliers can be locked, feeing up your hands and making your job easier and faster. 

Long reach hose clamp plier with wire flexible wire shaft. 

Convenient for working hidden areas and long distance. 

Allows for that often needed extra reach, 

For the removal and locking of clamps into open position. 

For replacement of fuel, oil, and water hose. 

with a case. 


kit include: 

clic-r collar pliers. 

hose remover pliers. 

swivel jaw hose clamp pliers. 

swivel jaw hose clamp pliers ("+" slot). 

flat band hose clamp pliers. 

curved hose clamp pliers. 

flexible clamp pliers


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